Zolgensma treatment (international)

Requests from abroad for treatment with Zolgensma in the Netherlands

Do we accept children for treatment with Zolgensma living outside the Netherlands?

The team of the Netherlands SMA Center frequently receives requests for treatment with Zolgensma from children with SMA living outside the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, reimbursement for Zolgensma is only available to children with SMA insured by Dutch health insurance companies. Moreover, current local guidelines require that adequate follow-up after treatment is ensured.  

Can parents pay for Zolgensma treatment themselves, with crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an interesting option for patients who desire treatments that are not reimbursed by their national health insurance. Although we understand that parents will try their best for the wellbeing of their children, we do not think that crowdfunding is part of the solution.

In the Netherlands, we value equal access to (expensive) treatments. Our solidarity-based healthcare system is based on equal rights to treatment whenever there is a clear indication. Treatment or therapies for children with SMA are not available through private care or initiatives. Private funding is therefore not possible in the Netherlands. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Can children from abroad come to the Netherlands for rehabilitation treatment?

In the Netherlands, reimbursement for rehabilitation treatment is only available for children with SMA insured by insurance companies from the Netherlands.